Thank you to all of my amazing readers who’ve taken time out of their busy lives to give me a review.  I appreciate each and every one of you!  



The BEST book I have read in months!!!  There was sooo many emotions while reading this book. I have never laughed so much and cried so hard over a book. I wish I never read it, so that I can read it again for the first time and go through the emotions all over again!!! Such a great lesson in this book. It is soo hard to forgive especially when pride is in the way. Life is too short so hold on and hold on tight to those you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an awesome book…  I loved it that much I would read it again.

Must Read!…Truly, I was addicted to this frustrating love story.  I’m a new mommy and with my restless nights as they come, I still stayed up to read the addictive book.  Thank you for giving me a break in diaper world and entertaining me in your amazing book. Have to say I even got some spunk back in my love life.  This is most definitely a book to read when you’re needing some encouragement in yourself.  Thanks again.

Fun fun fun to read!

Fantastic book!… I cold not put this book down! Great read!

Loved loved loved this book…  I bought this book and many others to read on a 10 hour plane trip to Europe and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! It was a wonderful novel. The reader truly bonds with the characters. You HAVE to read this novel!

Keeps you reading!… Definitely not a book I thought I would ever read! I was glued from start to finish.  Sexy!

I absolutely loved this book!… im usually into “vampire” books but i decided to try something different for a change and so i picked this book and i couldnt put it down! i was up till the wee hours of the morning with this one, i havent read a book this good in awhile! parts were funny and i would literally lol, and some parts at the end brought some tears. both main characters, christina and bill are great. i really emjoyed them both! **sorry for any spelling errors in my review, im typing this on my kindle and its like 3 am!!!

Very good!… I read all night the first time I started reading and couldn’t stop.  I took every 10 min I had free at work to read.  A great love story.  I had the feeling I was ‘watching’ a movie.

Love/hate relationship…  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In a lot of ways I can totally relate to Bill and Christina’s relationship. The love/hate relationship they have reminds me of my relationship with my husband. I guess that’s why it works so well. I couldn’t put the book down. And I hope to read more of their adventures as well as those of Maddie and William’s.

Awesome…  Her new book Why Romeo Hates Juliet is great as well.  It will keep you on your toes too.  Great love scenes.

Enjoyable… This book was amazing to me. It only took me 2 nights of 5 hour segments of reading it to get through the whole thing. Although it would of taken me longer but I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what happened next, what was going on and how it would end. There are many twists in the story that make it unpredictable. To me that’s what makes a book so good! I really enjoyed reading it, and would definitely suggest it to other readers.

Bad Boyz, Bad Boyz…whatcha gonna do!… This book was great read. I actually stayed up until 3am this morning reading the book(resulting in lack of sleep last night and lack of focus today at work). However it was well worth it. The author keeps you guessing with this web of lies, deceit, revenge, passion and intrigue. One minute you’re cursing the bad boy, then next minute you’re hoping that he gets lucky finds true love. Just when you’ve taken a stance someone pulls yet another secret out and changes the dynamic.  My most favorite part of the book is the verbal banter between the girl good and bad boy. Most romance novels can be a bit cheesy (with names like Lark and Thurston), and you think to yourself ” I don’t know anyone with those names, and I’d never really say those words”. Not this book, the witty dialogue in the book was so funny, and realistic it makes me believe this Anna has had her own true Bad Boy experience.  It was an awesome book. Her Perfect Revenge will be a hard act to follow….I’m ready for the next one Anna. 5 STARS WITHOUT QUESTION!!!!

Love the story… I love the story and the characters. Such witty and hilarious conversations throughout. I read it in one night. Just couldn’t put the book down!

Awesome book… I read this book in less than two days and im not a big reader! Could not put it down! Highly recommend it.


Laugh Out Loud in Hell… While serving as a marine in Afghanistan I was hot, hungry, tired, and lonely as were most marines with us. Despite all the hell we were in, this book still found a way to make me laugh out loud to the point that I had to look around to make sure no one was watching me. Once I finished it I passed it on to a buddy and about a month later a completely different buddy gave it to me with a high recommendation, not knowing it was mine originally. All in all I give it two huge thumbs up!!!  This book is about Juliet who is a struggling writer looking for a peaceful get away to rid herself of writers block. Once she starts her break through, an out of work actor who loves to party, moves in next door and ruins it all. She can’t focus with all the parties, and she is ruining his image when she protests all the music, drinking and fun. Needless to say one of them has to go, however neither of them are volunteering. They try and sabotage one another by playing pranks to drive each other out of town. When one of the pranks gets them in an ordeal together they find out more about one another than they bargained for.

A must read… I downloaded this ebook during a KDP promotion on February 10, 2012 and even though my TBR pile is large I have already finished it and loved it, I will be keeping it and revisiting the story of Romeo and Juliet many times. Anna Mara has managed to do everything right in promoting this book, the right title, the right cover art and of course the perfect product description on the sale page. So my congratulation and thanks to the author for a wonderful book.  A word of warning to the reader, do NOT read this story in public as I did. I was in the tearoom at work last night, reading to pass the time on my break and came across a point in the story that had me laughing… hysterically, in fact. My colleagues thought I was crying about something bad at work… it took some explaining from me that it was a book and I was laughing, not crying. The bad thing about a kindle is that the name of the book is not at the top of each page and to be able to answer their queries… well.  Anyway, thank you Anna Mara for a wonderful story.

Hilarious… After reading Her Perfect Revenge a few months ago I made sure to keep an eye on this author, so when Why Romeo Hates Juliet was released I made sure to get a copy. Once again Anna Mara has done it again by releasing a truly funny and entertaining story. I laughed so much while reading both her books; I swear the people in the grocery store last night thought I was crazy while the kindle was reading this book to me.  If you are looking for a good book with lots of laugh you have to get Why Romeo Hates Juliet and Her Perfect Revenge.

Great!… Nothing less I have expected from Anna Mara, dynamic, clever, ful of great ideas to entertain… and leaves your heart warm.  I see it on a big screen!

Amazing… Anna Mara has done it again! I loved her first book HER PERFECT REVENGE and this one was definitely not a let down! For any one that loves romantic comedies WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is the perfect book for you. I could not put it down until the last word and even then I wanted more! Read it, you will have a whole knew love for Romeo and Juliet!

Funny and intriguing, I kept wondering what they would do next!  I really liked this book. It was a bit long, but I can’t see how the author could have trimmed it down because it was all vital. At first I didn’t like Juliet, I thought she had a bug up her butt and was way too vindictive (I’m still not crazy about her superglue plan, I thought that was just plain mean and dangerous, and I normally love a good practical joke.) But the romance part was believable, and the back and forth revenge attempts were clever and funny that I sometimes didn’t stop reading even though I needed to, because I wanted to see what Romeo or Juliet was going to do next! Many parts of the story made me laugh out load, and the despair both characters had after she left PEI made me teary. I recommend this book very much, and look forward to reading more from Anna Mara!

Funny book…  I enjoyed reading this book. It made me laugh a lot. I never could guess what was going to happen next.

Made me laugh… This book was crazy and a little unbelievable at times, but always good for a laugh. I enjoyed that the hero, while macho and boyish, still had a heart full of love.

Love it!…  I simply love this book and I literally couldn’t put my Kindle aside while reading it! The story proceeds fluently and the characters are adorable and multifaceted.  This book has wit, passion and heart. The banter between Romeo and Juliet is sometimes quite childish which both of them know and which made me laugh hearty.  But the book also provides depth and it doesn’t only picture the hardship to come together but also to trust each other and stay together. Therefore reading “Why Romeo Hates Juliet” also made my cry sometimes. It’s like a roller coaster ride of emotions – very recommendable for every romance novel fan!

Can’t wait for the next one… I read Anna Mara’s first book and enjoyed it so much I could not wait for her new book. I have now been lucky enough to read Why Romeo Hates Juliet. Again, this book did not disappoint, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book was sooo funny, some of the scenes were so hilarious and had me laughing out loud and I couldn’t wait to turn the pages or in my case click next page on the Kindle. I love her style of writing; the descriptions in the books before something outrageous is about to happen makes you giggle in anticipation and then you just have to laugh out loud. I would quite happily sit in a corner and read these books from cover to cover and I have been known to re-read them.  I think Romeo and Juliet is fun and lighthearted whilst having some heart wrenching moments. The characters and events are depicted in such a way as to make you feel that it could, or has been, a scenario you have been in. Although hopefully not as outrageous as Juliet and Romeo.  I am an avid fan of Anna’s books and her style of writing and in my opinion her books do not come fast enough. Carry on Anna – from the moment I open your books, they deliver what you promise, which is fun, humour and entertainment, which in turn makes me feel uplifted and happy. I always look forward to the next page and am disappointed when the book ends.  Can’t wait for the third one.

Awesome book… I read this book in less than two days and im not a big reader! Could not put it down! Highly recommend it.


Amazing… What an exciting ride!! A must read for suspense and heartrending story! I gasped and screamed with joy!! WOW! I want to immediately read it again.

Characters with attitude… I just love the way the characters in this book play off each other. All of the authors books have great stories combined with just the right amount of humor. Can’t wait for Anna Mara’s next book. Read this book in one day. Couldn’t put it down.

Great story… Great story!!!! Would make a really good movie! Loved it. Everyone should read it. And read they should. Love it.

A movie worthy story… What a great read! This could be a movie! Not your average love story, it’s action-packed and full of surprising twists.

great book!… great book, good twists keeps you on a roller coaster. I fell in love with characters, laughed a lot! Good character development.

Great Suspense… The characters are wonderful and there are a few curves you’re not expecting. Would recommend to anyone who likes a good suspense.

great!!… I just loved this book!! Savage is a beast. I love Nana and all her antics when it came to her adventure with Tori. Loved the book!!

Amazing… Grabs you from the first page. I could not put it down. Drama. Comedy. Romance all in one. Awesome read. 

Sin & Savage… great characters wonderful story. once you start hard to stop. love the relationships and the suspense. the author writes great books.

Easy fun read!… Easy fun to read quite enjoyable really! I would recommend it to romance and mystery thriller readers!! Download it now!

Sin & Savage… Anna Maria has a real winner with “Sin & Savage.” This is definitely one of those “can’t put down books,” and I didn’t. I was compelled to read the entire book through before I could get a good night’s sleep; from the very first page I was hooked! “Sin & Savage” was one of the most gripping stories I’ve read in a long time — a real page-turner. scary yet romantic. Savage was lovable yet at the same time frightening and kept you guessing as to his true character right up to the end. A definite must read!

good mystery and romance… Very good read and fast paced. I have some friends I’ll tell about it. Would like to read more by this author.

Fun and exciting… I loved it! Anna Mara really knows how to create characters that are unique. I wish she had more books out. I have all three and they all made me laugh out loud. I was totally engrossed in each one and could not put any of them down. Waiting impatiently for the next book to come out. You are the best Anna!!!!!

Saints and Sinners… What a great book. So much fun to read. Every chapter was new and exciting, with so much suspense and mystery. The characters were so real and passionate, you just wanted to be part of their journey. This was my first book by Anna Mara, cannot wait to read another.

Great reading!… This was definitely a romantic suspense novel. The story line was incredible and kept you thinking the entire time. The chemistry between the two main characters was hot and steamy; fighting the connection and thinking naughty thoughts throughout the storyline. Combustible passion with a kiss that good girl Tori wanted but fought and bad boy biker Savage knew he shouldn’t but did. Violence and sin abounds in Vegas but wait for the ending. Heartwarming and soul touching this novel was a quick but full length read for me.