Poem Inspired by ‘Why Romeo Hates Juliet’…

One of my readers, Petrusa Mitrovic- Bandovic, was inspired to write a poem after reading ‘Why Romeo Hates Juliet’ and I want to share it with everyone.  It’s very beautiful, and her words are powerful, having come from her heart.  I was deeply touched and honoured by her sweet gesture.  I’m reposting her email below.  Thank you, Petrusa!

Hi Anna,

I finished your book and got inspired to write a poem, and I wanted to share it with you! 🙂

To: Anna Mara
‘Why Romeo Hates Juliet’

Oh life, could you excuse me for a moment?
I need to get off and cry for a while,
I need to wash off shadows that I put over love,
Love that existed once in my scared little heart.

I am asking you only to try to understand…
That there are moments when you know something is bad,
But you rush through, make mistakes and get lost
On that way that you thought you knew the best.

Even though pushed into the corners of the heart,
Love got healed and brought back to life,
By cherished memories and your movie star smile,
Got me back to a place where I know I am alive. 

Hope you like it :-)))) I love your book and am really amazed by your talent!

Petrusa Mitrovic- Bandovic




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