Why Romeo Hates Juliet

Why Romeo Hates Juliet

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Can the Greatest of Enemies Become the Greatest of Lovers?

WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is a romantic comedy about Juliet Soma, a stressed-out romance writer who has a deadline to meet but she’s developed a major case of writer’s block and hasn’t been able to write anything in months. To help her relax, her sister takes her to a secluded beach house on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Much to her surprise, it works—until the neighbors show up!

Some would say that A-list, movie star Romeo Boyd is washed up in Hollywood. But bad boy Romeo doesn’t care. He’d much rather party—and party loud. So he decides to take his entourage of friends and head out to his beach house on Prince Edward Island, a place he’s never vacationed at until now.

Unfortunately, neither Romeo nor Juliet get what they want. Instead, they get each other! Stubborn and a fighter to the bitter end, Juliet clashes with her noisy neighbor and an epic war begins, with each playing pranks on the other, neither of them giving an inch, and both of them fighting the intense attraction sizzling between them.

The battle escalates, until one day, Juliet accidentally shoots him. When Romeo comes to, to Juliet’s horror, he has amnesia and believes that she is his wife. But does he really? No, of course not! He’s just faking it and using all of his Hollywood acting skills to get his payback on her. But how far is Romeo prepared to go, especially when he finds his heart melting towards her? And how far will Juliet take things when she discovers what he’s really been up to? Will true love win out in the end for both of them?

WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is an epic, emotional rollercoaster ride filled with twists & turns and highs & lows, spanning an entire summer at the beach. Just when you think one thing will happen, something else does. And when you think it’s all over, it suddenly isn’t. Be prepared to have fun, laughs, surprises, shocks and maybe even a few tears as you live a lifetime with all of the back and forth drama between feuding neighbors, Romeo & Juliet.

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